instructions for applying grow mediums


  • Always start by using clean growing containers; containers must have apertures at the bottom to facilitate drainage and minimize water logging

  • Fill-up your containers with Emergent Grow Medium

  • Lightly pack down the Grow Medium; growing mix level should be 3/4 to 1/2 inch below the container's rim

  • Saturate the grow medium with water; add water slowly until water starts draining from the bottom of the container

  • Wait 10 minutes before seeding or transplanting


  • Ensure your seeds or clones are at the centre of the container

  • Lightly pack down the growing mix around the container’s edge; you want your seeds or clone to be higher than the edges to ensure water runs away from your plant instead of forming a pool

  • Do not place your recently transplanted clones or freshly germinated seeds under intense light or heat conditions; wait until your plant is fairly established

  • Carefully water your plants again 3-4 days after transplanting, or after your seeds start to germinate; use approximately half the amount of water you used to saturate your grow medium

  • Water your plants every 5-7 days with a third of the water volume you used to saturate the Emergent Grow Medium; the different components of our growing mix are perfectly balanced to maintain just the right amount of water your plant needs

  • Water more often if your grow medium feels dry to the touch



  • During the first four to five weeks add nothing except water to the plants. Do not add more nutrients or food during this phase

  • When the plants bloom at the four to five week point we recommend adding a bloom food; EWS has a bloom food under development, however there are current options for this in the market place