The Company’s mission is to make available its high-quality and high-efficiency Waste conversion Technology to Government and Industry to help solve the environmental challenges associated with waste disposal.

By converting organic waste into marketable products the Company’s technology mitigates the depletion of our natural resources while enriching our economy, our community and especially our environment.  At the same time our technology generates an attractive return on capital invested by our investors and Joint Venture (JV) partners.

The Company has brought the first Canadian plant on-stream and will demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology and its prof potential in the first half of 2018.

EWS intends to:

  • become one of the world’s foremost operators in the green technology field

  • become one of the world’s leading manufactures of carbon, utilizing Canadian biomass

  • promote this innovative waste conversion technology so that it becomes the standard for the treatment of all organic waste materials within 5 years

  • create a growing and significant revenue stream for our investors and JV partners, by participating in an equity position in waste conversion plants wherever they are built in Canada 

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