Emergent Waste Solutions (EWS) was founded on the realization of what Ron Ashkenas said in Sustainability's Faustian Dilemma, April 5, 2011:

“… if we’re going to make progress with sustainability we’ll have to accept the fact that many people are like Faust — they will sell their souls (or at least their planet) to the devil in order to maintain their current standard of living. Until we give them a better choice, and prove that sustainability doesn’t require sacrifice, we’ll be fighting an uphill battle…”

The founders of EWS believe that with respect to environmental challenges, while there is a need for education and lobbying, the solution also lies in innovative technology; so, we searched for and located a technology that could take in any carbon-based waste material and separate it into its constituent elements: carbon, gas and oil, without creating pollution. Our goal is to eliminate pollution from waste streams, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from decomposing or incinerated waste, and create wealth from previously underutilized raw materials.


The directors and executives of EWS are committed to environment, community and fair profits. We respect our employees and the communities that invite us to locate a facility with them.

The company has a commitment to ongoing research and development: in improving our processing efficiency and in developing new applications for the manufactured products.