In our business model EWS does not “sell” plants; we always hold onto 50% or more of a project. This brings several benefits to both the JV partner and EWS:

  • We can maintain safety and optimal operating parameters of the plants

  • The JV partner does not need to become an expert in operating, maintaining and upgrading an ATS plant

  • We can ensure maintenance and upgrades are preformed as needed

  • EWS is able to have a national and international marketing/sales strategy

  • EWS is able to do new product development to utilize manufactured materials in the most profitable ways possible


Emergent has three Joint Venture partners involved with its Ruby Creek, BC project; cleantech investment funds from California and the UK are significant partners in this project.

If you represent a business, or are in government, and have a waste challenge we invite you to dialogue with us.  If your investment strategy includes green ventures we believe you will find our investment returns and environmental impact claims very intriguing.