grow mediums - component rationale

Our Emergent grow medium blends have been formulated by the scientists at Coastal Raintree Consulting Ltd. Coastal Raintree has applied their significant experience and expertise in plant physiology and soils science to craft a grow medium formulation based on well-understood chemical and physical principles associated with critical plant growth processes. A summary of the features and benefits of the blend’s core components are detailed below:

Biochar is the main differentiator in the formulation. It is a carbon-rich multipurpose component that promotes microbial activity, improves water and nutrient availability and facilitates establishment and growth of mycorrhizae. Overall, biochar improves the chemical and physical characteristics of the mix facilitating better plant
establishment and growth.

We use an organic predigested fertilizer, which does not include the salts commonly found in non-organic fertilizers. Accumulation of these salts in a potting mix may become detrimental and even toxic. Since the organic fertilizer in our mix is predigested its nutrients are more easily absorbed by the root system of plants. The nutritional profile in our mix is designed to support fast and healthy vegetative
growth for all plants.

Kelp extracts are employed to stimulate plant and root growth. The kelp extract in our formulation is predigested, making all its micronutrients easier to absorb by plant roots.

We have inoculated our blend with Mycorrhizae, beneficial fungi that associates with roots of many plant species, improving the absorption and transport of water and minerals by the root systems of plants.

Our formula includes an excellent source of micronutrients (also know as trace minerals). Although micronutrients are needed in significantly smaller amount than macronutrients in our predigested organic fertilizer, they are critical to important plant physiological processes.

Coconut coir and cubes of specific sizes are added to the blend in a precise ratio, creating the right balance between excellent water drainage and water retention. This balance allows the plants to remain well-watered for longer time without increasing the risk of drowning the root system.

The combination, amounts and formats of the ingredients in our grow medium blend, all part of the intellectual property generated during the research and development phase, make these grow medium blends uniquely well-suited to promote vigorous vegetative growth in all plants.